William J. Saylor

I'm a Southern California Professional wedding Photographer.

I simply love what I do!

In my mind there’s no better a career than to capture this moment for you. 

A moment of service to take a little slice of time and give it to you for your many years to come. 

This runs very deep for myself remembering my own wedding to my lovely wife over 10 years ago. Before I picked up a camera professionally. The speed at which the wedding came and went was unbelievable! I didn’t take into consideration how fast this day would go. How emotions would take hold and kind of blur the lines a little. I didn’t consider any of this and hired just a typical person with a camera. To their credit they were just starting out and gave me a fairly good deal… well that’s what I thought. 

After the big day had passed. Us newly weds were settling into our new home. A package was delivered. Our wedding photos. On a disc. With 4 small prints. The photos were decent when we played them back on our dvd player. However… printing was another issue. We couldn’t. 

The photos were so compressed there was no way to get a quality print in any size. 

Heart breaking to say the least...

I Simply Love what I Do!

And that is why I’m here now. I have gone thru quite a bit to build this small business. I have associate shot for many higher end photographers in the area. I have assisted them as well and learned from the best.
All of this I’ve done for you… so that you do not have to go thru what my wife and I went thru.

Bad photos...

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““Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.””