hanger 21 Fullerton California

Hanger 21 is a premier wedding venue in Orange County California. While most would not consider Hangar 21 a "conventional" event space, it's unconventionality paired with it's near infinite possibilities are what load the venue with charm. Guests are met with the opportunity to marvel at Grand Helicopter entrances and exits (and just may be lucky enough to take a flight for themselves) while couples receive the unique experience of taking their wedding photos on the tarmac.

With Unique spaces for your wedding and the options for Helicopter rides, Full service catering and convenient parking this location is worth every penny!

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As an added bonus for you and myself I'd love to give a 10% discount off of my wedding photo/video packages for this location. A little breathing room for your finances and an opportunity for me to capture at this amazing place! (and hopefully a helicopter ride. 😍)