Tony & Brenda

Last week I had the honor and the pleasure of photographing Tony & Brenda’s engagement shoot at Carbon Canyon Regional Park in La Habra California. 

Their shoot is an interesting one with very little timing. He just finished basic training and is set to be sent to Texas in the next two weeks. He proposed to Brenda while he was in basic in another state. He was almost unable to even show for his own wedding because of a mix up in paperwork. 

However, by the grace of God his new location was able to place him at a recruiters location local to SoCal as a part timer so that he can go to his own wedding. Which is tomorrow, 6/8/19. 

I hold the highest respect possible for military because of the sacrifice they’re so willing and freely able to give for our freedoms. 

Please feel free to enjoy the photos below and visit the gallery as well as pray for Tony and Brenda. 

May God protect you in all that you do and give.