Daniel & Raquel

By far one of my favorite places to visit for prayer and mass is Christ Cathedral in Orange California.

Therefor the moment that Daniel and Raquel told me the reception would be at this location I couldn't wait! There are so many locations to photograph at Christ Cathedral in Orange that it was difficult to pick where to snap the romantics. Of course I wanted to utilize the entire campus since their reception hall rental gave us access, but, it would be totally unfair to ask Raquel to walk everywhere in her wedding dress… unless she wanted to.

There’s the garden, the tower bell, the chapel in the sky, the staircase leading down the hill, several beautiful statues, the water fountains where Christ is walking on the water, etc…

At first to say the least I was running a little blank because I couldn’t make up my mind, and since they left it up to me I needed to make a decision. Once arriving I notice that the Sistine Chapel exhibit was there. That was it. That was the place. There’s very few opportunities that anyone has an opportunity to photograph wedding romantics with these replicas, especially because of the off camera flash I was using that they don’t allow. Their rules specifically say no flash photography.

So… I had her brother ask for me since I didn’t want to approach with a tripod, soft box, light, giant camera and lens. It was a smart move… they let us in with no questions ask.

We were able to make our way thru the entire exhibit to enjoy some of these amazing works of art that have lived on for hundreds of years and also take some pretty amazing photos with some of them.

They are a beautiful couple and the Sistine Chapel exhibit helped accent their beauty to make these photos some of my favorite!


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