Posing techniques

In the course of the years that I’ve been photographing both couples and families one thing stands the test of time.If you don’t take portraits normally, you’re going to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. 

However, this is not something to fear or lose sleep over! 

The biggest fear I hear is looking bad for your engagement portraits. Not knowing how to pose or where to look is so concerning that I’ve had several couples have so much anxiety over it that they couldn’t sleep.

You almost forget that you have hired a professional photographer for this!

One of the greatest tips that I can give is to just be yourselves. It can be hard to remember this or even accomplish this when you have someone with this huge camera pointing a lens at you.

For this reason I always start the session off with something fun! Running together, playing hip bump, or a number of other options.The main thing is to just break the ice and HAVE fun!!

Below are some basics that are essentially foundations for all posing techniques. If you don’t remember them in the moment, that’s ok. It’s my job to give you subtle reminders!!

Keep moving:

Number one on my list is to keep moving. Whatever it is the photographer is trying to accomplish, moving back and forth or creating the same looping action over a short replay is perfect. Today we have such better technology than when cameras were first invented that we can capture you in the moment. That is always the goal. To capture you in the most natural motion and environment possible. 

Keep talking

Keep talking is a key component that I use as well. Whether it's talking with your photographer or your significant other, try to keep the conversation going. I typically like to throw out random jokes (yes sometimes lame dad jokes haha). For instance: “Why do melons get married? Because they Cantaloupe” 

Ok ok... don’t laugh too hard. The conversation and smiles keep the action going and help calm your anxieties about “posing” 

Foundational poses:

Foundational poses are exactly what the title sounds like. They are some very basic posing that we can build off of. Something as simple as holding hands side by side and smiling at each other can help lead us into several different poses that are simple but beautiful. 

Another foundational pose is called the T pose. Typically the shortest of you is the soon to be Mrs. She faces the camera straight on. The taller of you will stand next to her right shoulder and face the camera at a 90 degree angle so that her shoulder is in your chest. Wrap arms around each other and interlock fingers with opposing hands. From here we already have a loving pose showing unity with each other and an act of love (hug). We can move forward from here to leaning on his chest, or his forehead leaning on your head while you look at the camera and he simply closes his eyes. We can even move on from here into a dance move where he spins you away and back again. The options are endless!

With just these tips alone you can have the MOST AMAZING engagement portraits. 

Just remember the key note here… Be YOURSELF. No matter who you are! 

If you have any further questions or would like to book a session feel free to message me here!