John & Victoria

The big day finally arrives! From the beginning I’ve been working on this wedding with John since the engagement shoot 6 months previously.

John flew into California 2 days before his wedding to Victoria at Saint Joachim’s Catholic Church in Costa Mesa, California. It was an exciting day to say the least. My team and I went for breakfast early in the morning and reconfirmed how we would cover the full day from prep at 9 am to the close of the reception at 11pm. A long day, but a fun one to say the least!

The moment we arrived at Johnny’s location in Santa Ana we were ready to go. I asked how he was feeling and he told me he couldn’t sleep and had woken up at 4 am and been up ever since. He had been praying the Rosary up until the time we got there. He was clearly a little nervous, but, he was ready. The love of his life was about to begin a journey with him that would complete his world.

From there we moved on to Victoria’s house to start her prep and she mentioned that the realization of her big wedding day didn’t settle in until we started pointing cameras at her. You’re welcome!

With her siblings and her parents we completed the prep photos and moved onto the ceremony. Johnny is a canter in the parish and picked up his guitar to sing his wife down the aisle. As she approached the alter Johnny’s brother took over without a hitch in the song and Johnny met his Fiancé in front of the altar.

It was a beautiful ceremony and we were able to capture all of it perfectly.

The reception took place at the Wilcox Manor in Tustin, California and they set everything up beautifully. With the Mariachi band playing and Victoria’s uncle singing, the newlyweds made their grand entrance and celebrated thru the night.

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