When to pick your photographer?? 

RIGHT NOW! Just kidding. 

This is obviously a one sided question being answered by someone who hopes to be your photographer. So I’ll attempt to be as balanced as possible in my answer. 

First things first, let me establish the importance of photography from my point of view. 

No matter what the event or milestone may be in your life, photography is the one service within that timeframe of life that will outlive them all. 

When you’re taking your headshots for that business promotion or grand opening for your own self owned company, that head shot will represent you for at least a year or two even tho time continues to move forward and things begin to change from age, to location, to even business status. 

If you’re taking a family portrait of any kind from Newborn photos to Graduation or Christmas portraits. Photography will stamp that moment out of time and place it on your wall, fireplace, or photo album for generations to come. Long after everyone has grown up and moved out or even have babies of their own. 

This is no different in wedding photography. Matter of fact, in my opinion, wedding photography is the most important of all. This is the beginning step of a new life. A life that you are choosing to venture out together and stand the tests of time. You will inevitably speak to florists, DJ’s, Bands, Venus, HMuA’s and they will all do great things to make your dream wedding come true. They will listen intently to your requests and do their best to make that happen. However there is one service provider that will spend more time with you than all of those services combined. 

That would be your photographer. As a photographer it isn’t just the initial consultation and then I take your pictures. There’s so much more to be done. Whether I’m taking your engagement portraits or just your wedding there are several conversations on location, your ideal pictures, timelines, Family members that must be in the pictures, and the list goes on. 

When it’s all said and done though, and the day is over, the food is gone, your guests have gone back to living their lives, the flowers have wilted, the lights have dimmed and the music has stopped… It is your Album that will last for generations to come. It is indeed your first family heirloom. This is the memorial of your story together in the beginning. 

Now that I’ve explained my position on photography (LOL). Unless we’re shooting your engagement AND your wedding, I do not think a photographer should be the first vendor you choose. I believe that we should be your 3rd. 

1st should definitely be your venues. If you’re getting married in a parish or on a beach location, this should be your first step in the process. 

2nd should be your HMuA’s for yourself and your bridesmaids. 

3rd should be your photographer. 

Why? Well… with the venues chosen, and your HMuA’s chosen, we can now discuss the story you’re attempting to capture for your big day with greater detail. A better idea of how to photograph your big day! 

So, although I think we Professional Photographers are the Most important vendors next to your minister, I believe that we should be 3rd in line with hiring. 

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