Your investment matters.

When it's all said and done, you'll see that I'm more of an old friend than just that guy with the camera. If you two can't laugh with me and feel comfortable around my wife and I (I don't see how you couldn't. We're both freaking awesome!) , I wouldn't suggest you hire us. No one wants to feel uncomfortable on such an amazing day!

I don't just want you to be satisfied with your photos. I want you to be so ecstatic about the outcome that you hire me for the babies on the way and the anniversaries too! (oh.. and to tell all your friends. haha)

In all seriousness tho, I take your investment in my abilities as serious as this day is to you and yours. Whether you're ready to invest or simply have questions that need to be answered, Send me your information below so I can give you a personalized quote and any detail you need.

 I usually answer within an hour unless I'm on location. However I never answer any later than 24 hours.

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