Professional Wedding Photography

The beginning of the journey

The first building block to your new Life is saying "Yes". This is the corner stone of your adventure together and should be captured by a professional. I will sit down with you to help plan your engagement up to your Wedding Romantics

This day belongs to the 2 of you

Every detail matters

From your Mother's tears to your Father's blessing. The diamond ring to the lace on your dress. Every moment matters. This is why you've spent so much time planning

The world stops now...

I do

The unimaginable joy you're feeling, the electric excitement of the moment, The Kiss.. only lasts a moment, yet captured for a lifetime.

Let's talk about your wedding

Catholic Wedding Photography

In all of the weddings I've captured there is one thing that stands true. Your wedding photographer will spend the most time with you out of all of your vendors combined. It is so important that this moment is captured by someone who fully understands what is happening.

To not only realize the depth of the action before God Himself that is occurring in this very moment, but, to have had this experience themselves. To have received this catechesis of life thru an experience with Christ and to capture its culmination in this one moment that begins a chapter of life that will persist until the end. That moment.. is Marriage.

Whether it's a Neocatechumenal wedding (which I've had, and walk), or a Traditional Catholic wedding. The symbolism behind the signs, the Icons, the words that are spoken, the homily that is given all have so much power behind them. They explain the truth behind the present, behind the veil of life where principalities rule and Christ is present.

If your photographer can not, or does not understand this moment the story that is passing can be lost. These moments are not just photographs. They are your very first Heirloom for your family. They are the beginning of your history and the moments you will use to catechise your children thru faith and understanding.

I am a Professional Catholic Photographer. I would love to tell your story.

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Who am I?

My name is William. I'm a professional Catholic wedding photographer from Orange County California. I love capturing these stories. There's no doubt about it. Each wedding I photograph holds a special place in my life because it always brings me back to the greatest day of my life. Marrying my wife. I strive to capture the moments that matter to you so that you and your family can relive them over and over again

Why choose me?

There is no one better to capture your wedding than someone who understands what is truly happening in this very moment. I invest myself deeply into each one of my couples weddings. I only shoot a limited amount of weddings per year in order to make sure that I can fully invest myself into your wedding day

What is my process?

I have every one of my potential clients fill out a small questionnaire in order to determine if I am able to work with them. As mentioned above I take a limited amount of weddings per year in order to give the attention and quality to your wedding as it deserves.

Do you travel?

I do travel the continental United States for engagements and full ceremonial weddings. Please contact me for details.

I only work with a limited amount of Brides!

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