The story of a photographer

I am a father of 11 children! Yep... you read that right. I have 4 little one's in Heaven and the other 7 are here giving me life and laughter and a little frustration along the way(haha)!

I've always been the artistic type since I was a child. Sketches, paintings, music and almost anything to do with creating has been a part of my life. From my father's oil painting in the garage to my uncle running around with his film camera taking street photography, art has been a part of my life.

I first picked up a semi-pro camera when I married my beautiful wife 10 years ago to capture these moments in our life that fly so fast. I began self teaching myself by assisting local professional wedding photographers and made the move into professional gear. With the miraculous technical advancements of Social Media, people began expressing their love for my art and I began to understand that I could offer others something amazing.

Fast forward up to today and I can't get enough. I love capturing people in all their forms. In Love, happiness, and excitement and so many other moments in life. Each session is a literal reminder of this amazing life that I live.

With that said, I do not work with every client that requests. 2 things must be in place in order for me to work with you. My art must be able to tell your story properly, so we must be a match. Like any puzzle... not every puzzle piece fits the same place. Second, I only work with a limited amount of projects each year in order to keep a health work life balance. I'd be no good telling your story if I never paid attention to mine...

Click on "Write William" above to send me a little bit of your story and what you're looking for and I'll happily respond as soon as I can

Family shoot with our little monsters



Jason & Jessica

wow wow wow!! 🥰😭
We just loved the whole session! Very beautiful photos !! Thank you so much!! I cannot even begin to tell you, they are so beautiful!! We had SO much fun too!!

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